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Why is make-up sex so delicious?

I regularly run into couples who say, the best part of arguing is making amends. And they usually don't talk about talking about the irritations or reaching a compromise, but about make-up sex. Many people find sex after a violent fight very satisfying, because you go from one intense emotion to another, and the tension that arises during an argument can also provide a certain excitement.

Nice and explosive

It is not surprising that many people enjoy make-up sex. When you argue, a lot happens in your body. Your hormone level rises, your heart beats faster and so does your breathing. A cocktail of hormones is created in your brain that ensures that your body is in a high state of readiness. A state of excitement actually. A state of arousal that is physically quite similar to sexual arousal. If you end up having sex with your partner from that angry arousal, the sexual arousal actually builds on the angry arousal that was already there, and that can feel very intense and explosive.

Dual voltage

In 1974 a study was done in which men were presented with a questionnaire by an attractive woman. One group of men stood on a rather frightening suspension bridge, the other group of men did not. And as it turned out, the sexual arousal towards the attractive woman was greater in the group of men standing on the terrifying suspension bridge. When the men were approached by another man, there was no difference. So you see that one kind of tension can amplify another kind of tension.

Discharge and happiness substances

Another aspect that makes make-up sex so attractive is the release. There is a huge build-up of tension in your body, which can be completely released during sex. After the anger and the distance comes the pleasure, the intimacy and the reconciliation. Just as people often feel very light and euphoric after bungee jumping or skydiving (or anything else that involves a lot of excitement and adrenaline), people often feel just as comfortable with make-up sex. This has to do with the endorphins and dopamine that are produced when the built-up tension is released.

Literally getting closer

Moreover, attachment hormones such as oxytocin are produced during sex, so that after the detachment of an argument you experience closeness and intimacy with your partner again. After having faced each other, you will come together again during sex, both physically and mentally. That actually makes make-up sex a very nice, natural way to get back together after an argument. And to lift the distance that has arisen again and even to evoke very positive emotions together again.

Make sure that make-up sex doesn't become a goal in itself

So most of all, enjoy it. But be aware that make-up sex does not become an end in itself for you and your partner. Don't argue and then make up with sex. Because then you eventually create an unhealthy relationship between angry tension and pleasure and intimacy, and that is not necessarily desirable. And don't see it as a magical solution to all your problems. Because while sex is a very good way to get closer to each other, it doesn't solve problems that need to be talked out. It's fine to get lost in the make-up sex first, but then there are still unsaid things in the air, then find a neutral moment to say those things.

In short: make-up sex is not a panacea, but it is a very nice gift from nature that you and your partner can enjoy.

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