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Smart Sex Toys!

Carefree enjoyment of smart sex toys!

The sale of sex toys has grown enormously since the start of the corona crisis. According to research by, the sale of vibrators and masturbators in 2020 has increased by no less than 48% compared to 2019. The number of smart sex toys that you can connect to the internet and control remotely is also increasing.

Popularity of smart sex toys

The sale of sex toys has grown enormously since the start of the corona crisis. The number of smart sex toys is also increasing, and new smart sex toys are regularly launched on the market. The use of sex toys controlled remotely via apps is gaining popularity as part of the concept of “sexnology”: A combination of sex and technology. Nevertheless, there are concerns regarding the digital security of these smart sex toys that should not be overlooked.

“The use of sex toys controlled remotely via apps is gaining popularity as part of the concept of 'sex nology': A combination of sex and technology.”

Advantages and disadvantages of smart sex toys

Smart sex toys offer fun possibilities. For example, you can be intimate with your partner remotely, let your partner control a toy or (video) chat. However, the technological possibilities of these advanced sex toys, such as the use of a mobile app, (video) chat functions, and the possibility to connect over the web also come with a disadvantage. The toys have become more attractive to cyber criminals. Problems with the digital safety of sex toys can have dire consequences. Think of data breaches in which very intimate information is exposed or an attack in which a toy is taken over and controlled by a cyber criminal.

Carefree enjoyment

Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do yourself to enjoy smart sex toys carefree. Being aware of your privacy and digital security is step one. Together with ESET, we have put together a complete list of do's and don'ts.


Many of the apps with smart sex toys come with a (video) chat function, if you use this try to remain anonymous as much as possible on photos and videos. Don't just think of your face, or other physical features that make you recognizable.

Try to keep the toy connected to your (mobile) device as much as possible. Please be aware that if your toy is not connected to the mobile app, the toy will be publicly visible in the list of bluetooth devices seeking connection.

Make sure that the apps of smart toys are up to date and have the latest (security) update installed.

Before purchasing a smart sex toy, it is wise to look up whether there are known security problems, so look at reviews and search for "sex toy name" AND "safety" on Google, for example.

It is best to try and install it in a place where you feel good and have control over your own safety.

Only share your data with people you know and trust. Therefore, be careful when sharing codes with which others (possibly strangers) can control the toy.

Be aware of the (public) location where you use the toy. Use in a public location may involve additional risks compared to use at home.


Don't just share your official name or email address, and use an alias and a separate email address. Always read the terms and conditions of apps and websites where you register or that access your data. Pay particular attention to the paragraphs that deal with data collected by the company, as well as the processing of that data. Also pay attention to whether a seller works with a privacy policy and check this policy regularly to check for updates.

Do not leave the device on when not in use, in this case also disable the Bluetooth functions of the device if possible.

Should vulnerabilities relating to the sex toy you are using become known, do not use the remote control functions until this vulnerability has been resolved.

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