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It's Wednesday afternoons I'm sitting naked with my Mistress on the coffee table with my legs wide open. She expects a befriended Master John with His slave girl Kitty to play with us. She sits behind me in an easy chair and absent-mindedly slams Her whip against my dangling chimes from behind. Although I am still very young, I am already Her submissive slave and She likes to play with my balls from a distance. It is very exciting to have to obey Her and be humiliated completely naked. She takes pleasure in my slight pain and my shame, when I have to endure all that She likes to do with me powerless and stark naked.
She herself is stunning, barely 32 years old and always very sexy dressed, so that my little ass regularly rears up when I see her. She likes that very much and she likes to tease me with my stiff bar, which is not always pleasant for me, but also very exciting. If you stand with a stiff bar and they hit it with a whip, that's coming. But then She soothes me with her satin hand around my rod and massages it to heavenly heights while showing me Her wobbly tits in an open blouse or top. It makes me hot as hell, but then I have to be careful that I don't cum in Her hand, because then my butt or balls have to pay for it.

The bell rings, I know who the visitors are and I think I can get off the table, put on something and open the door. "Stay put Kris, with the buttocks and balls exposed, I'll go to the front door myself." I'm sweating water and blood, because this will be the first time I'll be naked in front of anyone but my Mistress, and then it's also a Master with a young slave girl. I'm already ashamed that I'm so out in the open, but I don't risk hiding away.
"Hey, hello, I'm Kitty, Master John's slave girl. Looks like you're Mistress Tania's slave!?", says a gorgeous young thing that enters. Mama mia, that kid is pumping my blood into high gear as she stands there in a super short skirt and a top with a pair of firm, nice tits showing off. I bet she's not wearing any pants and so with her probably super nice pussy, she's exposed under that nobody's skirt of a skirt.
My flute rears like crazy at the beautiful view and I see her eyes widen as she sees my pole rise between my legs. "That boy already has a decent battering ram, girl and he's happy to see you, I think, because that thing just keeps getting bigger and fatter. Just feel it with your hand, he'll probably like that!", says Tania and she has to laugh.

It is Wednesday afternoon, so no school and I have to go with my Master to a young Mistress friend. She has a slave my age and she wants to introduce it to us. Of course I have to be dressed super sexy again with a skirt that is too short, a top where my tits almost bulge and no bra or pants on. In itself I find humiliation exciting and exciting, even if I am sometimes half ashamed, but to visit a Mistress and Her slave in such a sparsely dressed way, that takes a lot of my nerves.
I am also used to my Master alone, normally without others around, but who knows what I will experience with that slave and have to do ... or have it done! He would be about my age or a little younger and it would be his first time with someone else too. I don't know what to expect and feel uncomfortable.
I am already sent first to the living room, where I see a naked boy sitting on the coffee table. He's half ashamed when I come in, but apparently I turn him on, because his whistle is getting bigger and thicker by the minute and now sticks straight out between his splayed legs. Master and the Mistress enter and see the interaction, after which Tania advises me to feel his stiff flute. Is that really necessary?

"Come on Kris, get yourself up so that sweetie can reach your stiff ass. But boy, do you like her so much that you stick out such a stiff bar?" Indeed, when I get up, that thing sticks up obliquely and proudly overcomes gravity. Wow, that feels so good with such a nice punch in the neighborhood and she gently takes her hand around my spear, making it a little bigger with a jerk.
On the advice of my Mistress, she also starts to gently massage my balls, which makes me swoon with pleasure. My Mistress usually kneads it quite roughly as she taps my cock with her whip. That's nice too, but the slight pain makes it different, because this is just heavenly. Her little hand plays awkwardly but blissfully with my flute, which gives delicious shivers all over my body.
"Say girl, you have now been allowed to see and hold his little pussy, now you are going to show him your nice pussy, huh! And let him explore everything, stand in front of him and lift your skirt so that he can reach it well. " The sweet child lets go of my stiff knuckle and shows me a sweet pussy, nicely trimmed and nice lips that close neatly. "Just ask him to feel it," I hear her Master say.
"Kris, do you want to feel my pussy and play with my lips?" she asks quietly. Yes, of course I want to, but I don't know if my stiff flute can handle that, I think that thing is about to explode. Against my better judgment I grab her by the plum, which makes her red head, but she enjoys and sighs. God, what a nice pussy that is!

Our slaves are exploring each other and I'm taking a good look at Tania now. Man, she has a nice body, I would also like to be a slave, but she has recently become a dominant herself. She has a set of D-class mega tits I reckon and a beautiful set of legs under a short skirt with a nice ass. Actually, I'm a bit jealous of her slave, because I suppose she'll make sure she lets her enjoy it. Although, such a young guy, he probably doesn't have much experience with women yet, but neither herself as a brand new Mistress.
"Kitty, actually it's not fair, Kris is standing there naked and you are completely dressed! Wouldn't you change something about that girl!?" She blushes even more if possible and looks a bit dazed. "Ask Kris if he wants to undress you, that might help, or do you prefer that he knead your teeth well first? Arrange it with him."
She is probably already very warm and now I give her assignments that she is ashamed of but also gets hot. I'm curious how the two deal with this, because this is new for both. They have never met another slave and therefore have no experience with this.

As Kris begins to knead Kitty's tits, I grab Tania unexpectedly by her ponytail, pull her over and grab her by her fat tits too. She is startled and looks at me angrily, but I see the joyful glow in her eyes as I knead her dairy firmly. She clearly also has a lot of submissiveness in her and I now address it brutally, which clearly pleases her.
I slide a hand into her blouse, grab a nice tit and knead it until her nipple becomes stiff and thick. I can feel her tense up at all that unexpected humiliation that overtakes her and takes effort. I add to that humiliation by pointing out to Kris how to handle Kitty… using his Mistress as an example. I open her blouse and play with her bare tits, which makes her snort with excitement and shame, right in front of the eyes of two slaves.
"Come Kris, you go behind your Mistress and take off her pants, she doesn't need that anymore. Kitty, you take off her blouse so that those nice twins get some freedom!" Tania rears up when she hears this, but I hold her tight by her tail, forcing her to obey and let herself be done. She puffs with helplessness, but I can also see that it really turns her on to have to be so submissive herself. It's also extra humiliating because the two slaves help me with that.

Moments later, Tania is almost naked, except for her short skirt. As I force them forward, her big tits are happily wiggling beneath her, which is quite an exciting sight. Kris also notices his Mistress's udders and his bar is raised again. "Feel your Mistress's plum boy if she is ready to receive you!" Hesitantly, the boy runs his hand between her legs and gently feels her pussy.
Tania almost goes wild with her slave's action and rears up on the spot. I let Kris fold up her skirt and a few good slaps on her bare bottom bring her back to order. "And Kris, is she wet enough to put your bar all the way in?" The boy nods in agreement, so I order him to give Tania a good fuck from behind. He won't let himself be told that twice, for he searches for her ripe plum with his spear and then thrusts at once to his balls.
Looks like Kris likes to fuck his Mistress, because he thrusts so hard that her wobbly tits are flying around like crazy. "Kitty, come and milk Tania, child, because her dairy here swings dangerously." The girl grabs the fat tetters and gives Tania a super milking, as she likes it so much herself.

It doesn't take long for both Tania and Kris to boil and when Kris squirts his hot cream deep inside, Tania also goes through the pleasure wall. Kris trembles and shocks from the wonderful violence and smashes Tania's pussy to pieces, causing her to writhing wildly and experiencing a super orgasm and moaning. Wild thrusting Kris continues to empty his balls into Tania who works through that pounding panting and with cramping pussy.
Kitty looks a little dazed and lets go of Tania's swinging tits. I force Tania to her hands and knees and order her to sit like this and suck Kris' flute clean while she in turn has to finger Kitty's pussy so that she can benefit too. Tania is embarrassed to be treated so humiliatingly, but her plum is glowing and her whole body is ablaze.
The boy doesn't know where he's got it: his pride is nicely sucked off by a chick's thrust, while he himself makes a young doll dance through his finger work. Even though he's just finished, he's already got a blast of a flute and now he wants to give that young woman a good lube. In fact, he would also like to give his Mistress a good fuck in her ass, especially now that she is so comfortable with swinging udders.
But the sucking makes him horny and as Kitty starts to cum, he shoots his second load of cream deep down Tania's throat, who tries to take it all in as best he can.

I understood from Tania that she has set up a room as a bdsm playroom with all kinds of possibilities. I now want to explore it with my two slave girls and a slave. I've noticed that Tania has enjoyed her submissive role despite everything and I want to step that up a bit. She is also stunningly naked and submissive, especially now that she also has her skirt off and therefore has to walk naked, like the other two subs.
In the playroom there is a tackle, under which I secure her, with the arms wide apart and between her legs a large spreader bar. She's gorgeous, the way she's completely naked, with her long blond hair down to her ass and her plum open and unprotected on display.
And actually I know what a very secret wish of hers is and I now want to make it come true. And this is the preparation for it, but I suppose she herself doesn't remember ever telling me that! So it will be a real surprise for her, which she didn't expect. I blindfold her and put a gag in her mouth, which makes her very insecure and scared, because it makes her feel completely powerless and lost.

I play for a while with her mighty tetters that stick out proudly with a swollen nipple on each side. A twist and pull on those teats makes her moan and a few firm whacks make her scream muffled. My hands go down to find her wet plum, which I finger and then slap hard until she sobs and begs to stop.
I push her pelvis back and drill a juice wet finger into her tight ass. I see them turn bright red from that humiliation and hold her breath, because she has never experienced this. To completely humiliate her, I instruct Kitty and Kris to take turns to finger her ass as well. So she knows who abuses her so much in her back door and that they are slaves only makes it more intense for her.
Suddenly I make the two slaves stop fingering her nice ass and they look at me in surprise. I order them to suck and lick each other, but without cumming. And then I stand right behind Tania. She cringes in shock, because suddenly she knows what this means: her secret dream!

She has dreamed of this so many times and now it is really happening. She feels how I rotate a finger around her star and that makes her horny. Unexpectedly, I give her a few bangs on her bare bum with my hand, making her bounce and moan. Fingering her ass open, I let Kitty suck my jackhammer bone hard while Kris in turn finger her ass.
And then it's time for slum work: I sit behind Tania, pull her pelvis towards me and push my steel-hard tools deep into her tight ass. I tell Kris to bend Kitty over and stick his hard squirt in her ass as well. Lovely like Tania squeezing her ass and milking my cock completely...while I do the same with her hanging dairy. The hot bitch groans as my drill penetrates deep into her gut, though you don't hear much of that with the gag in her mouth. Her swollen nipples feel rock solid and are wonderful stuff to pull on and turn and the thick soft pramms are blissfully kneaded in my big hands.
Kitty is shaking on her knees from the fucking violence in her back gate. Now that Kris has already cum twice, she's slowing down and fucking himself stupidly in the child's very tight ass, playing with her dangling dairy. Deep goes his syringe in and out of the star of the moaning girl, who is in all states by all that tasty pounding.

"Time for something else Kris! Pull your squirt out of that ass and help me untie your Mistress." When Tania is released, she has to get on her hands and knees, still blindfolded. While she has to crawl around she gets slapped on her bare buttocks and against her wobbly breasts, while Kitty ravages her wet slit with a riding crop. that Tania certainly appreciates that." The young woman shudders and shakes from all that action from me and the slaves on her swinging tits, hot box and bare buttocks.
"Come Kris, now we're going to switch, your Mistress must now ask you if she can give you a good blowjob first and if you want to fuck her deep in her ass afterwards, she can use that humiliation! I'll pick up while Kitty shot and lower her over my stiff flute while I milk her hard." The child is overjoyed that her pussy is getting some attention again, but her eyes open wide as my pestle slides into her plum. "Yeah girl, my cock is swollen super thick from Tania's nice ass, I know I'm having a hard time processing it! Enjoy it while I give your tetters a good milking. Kris, forget those udders of your Mistress don't knead hard hey boy, she needs to be milked extensively today."

Kris can't believe his luck now that he can fuck his Mistress without pain or discomfort, and then in her nice ass. His pleasure rod is firmly absorbed by her narrow channel and he pulls her sharply back to her loose dairy. The normally dominant female is now submissive and willing in the intoxication of her horniness and fully enjoys the ferocious thrusts of her slave.
"Kris, don't forget to keep her buttocks warm, boy, regularly hit it firmly, that keeps her sharp." The boy is good to accept and Tania notices that immediately, because he hammers her ass bright red, while he continues to sew her firmly in her back door. I think he would like to do that every day, although he also likes it when She plays with him, makes him crawl submissively and makes fun of his ass and balls. The thought of it makes his battering ram stiffer and bigger again, causing Tania to moan and bounce.
Kitty also enjoys my cock penetrating thick and deep into her young plum right up to her womb. My hands roughly knead her dairy, which makes her coo with pleasure. God, she's so hot and horny because she's getting screwed so well, her whole pussy is soaking wet and sliding like crazy over my pestle.

It's a gasping and groaning of importance from the two dolls, while Kris and I sniff with horniness with those nice holes around our rod and those cream balls in our hands. We smash the girls and when Kitty suddenly comes with a loud moan, Kris and I also shoot our cream deep and hard into the hot caverns. Growling and shocking we inject them full and enjoy the delicious flames through our bodies.

I must come and visit that Mistress once more and she also needed it.

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