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Two wet pussies in the sun

A hand was quickly given. Those people didn't interest me at all. Monica, that was the daughter's name, was already lubricated. That was rollerblading on the road near our house. With a large bottle of sunscreen I left for the garden. The water in the pool looked tempting, but I wanted to sunbathe for an hour first. Too bad those people were there, now I had to keep my bikini on. The garden was surrounded by a high fence against viewers, but from the sitting room you had everything in view through the open sliding doors. I was barely ten minutes in the grass when Monica appeared on the terrace. She looked nice for her thirteen years. Long blond hair blowing in the wind around a sweet face with big blue eyes. Dark tanned legs with kneepad clubs came out from under a snow-white skirt. Now I think I'm not a lesbian at all. I've had plenty of guys. But Monica did something to me. I felt a slight tremor in my stomach. 'Hi', she said, 'are you sure Elly?' I nodded. She tossed the inline skates, which she held in her hand, into the grass and sat down next to me, knees drawn. I glimpsed a light blue cotton panty. "So you're Monica?" "Call me Mona, that's what everyone calls me." She looked around. 'Great swimming pool, I say. But other than that it's lonely here, there's not a chicken to be seen on the road.' I began to explain that the nearest village was four kilometers away when my parents showed up. They wanted to show their guests the area and if we were going with them? Mona looked at me and made a dirty face, the corners of her mouth down. "I'd rather stay here because I've seen everything," I said, "Maybe Mona would rather go swimming too." Monica jumped up. 'Yes, much rather!' Well, but then we had to get something from the fridge ourselves to eat, because they were going to eat in the city.

As soon as everyone was gone, I unbuttoned the top of my bikini, because I like to get tan everywhere. Monica took no more than a quick glance at my breasts, then continued chatting about the vacation, her school, and the dog they'd had to put in a pet boarding kennel because he couldn't be trusted with kids. I asked if she didn't want to sunbathe too. She hesitated for a moment, then took off her blouse. She didn't wear a bra, nor did she need it. Her tits were small but well shaped and fitted with the prettiest pink nipples imaginable. I took some cushions from a lawn chair and put them in the grass in front of her. She took off her knee pads and I quietly hoped she'd take off her stark white shorts too and maybe… I didn't know how she would react, but decided to give it a shot. 'I usually sunbathe completely naked. Do you mind if I...? After all, we're girls amongst each other.' "Only if I may," said said. I slid off my bikini bottom and laid it on the grass next to me. I saw a small wet spot and that didn't surprise me, because I got quite excited by her.

Mona got up, quickly got out of her shorts and slid down her blue panties. For a moment I got the chance to see her pussy. It lay sweet and open and perfectly formed between her thin thighs, topped off with an incipient shade of tiny curly blond hairs. I got it pretty good now. I can't help but feel my own pussy. Yep, I was really wet now. Mona saw what I was doing. She stared at my pussy for a moment and was I imagining it, or did a smile slide across her face? Then she lay on her stomach, head on her arms. "Mmm, nice weather, nice sun..." she said. I couldn't take my eyes off her. She had a nice round ass and the long hair flowed down her back, shiny as gold, almost down to her thin waist. Involuntarily my thoughts went back to that morning in the pool, years ago, when I was first fingered by a high school girl. I must have been about as old then as Mona is now. That experience had confused me at first, but afterwards I was glad it had happened. It had put me on the trail of all those wonderful hours I've spent masturbating since then. And it didn't take long before I felt the first boy between my legs. Yet I was almost certain that I would never dare to do to Mona what had been done to me then. I had no further experience with girls. But how I'd love to... just for a moment, caress that seductive creature next to me...

"Won't you rub my back?" said Mona. 'Yes of course. Provided you give me a turn afterwards.' I had it flipped out before I knew it. How would she take that? But she said innocently that she certainly would, if I just hurry now, because she didn't want to burn. Meanwhile, I was on fire from the moment she took off her panties! I picked up the bottle and squeezed a good line of oil onto my fingers. I massaged the smooth stuff into her back. Her skin was even softer than I imagined. Mona moaned softly as I rubbed her shoulders. She stretched out her arms and when I bent down to rub them in too, my nipples slid down her back for a moment. Now I really saw a smile at Monica! It made me nervous, I longed for her. I turned around so I could do her legs. Would she be okay with me if I...? Only the sides, or also in the slit? Would she allow it, or would she jump up and run away? I started at her feet, toes one at a time, between her toes. I would have loved to kiss and suck her toes, but the least I could do was gently massage those toes. I hoped she would enjoy it as much as I did. Then up her calves, the gentle curve of her thighs, closer and closer to her bum. Nervously I sprayed a new load of lotion on my hand and started working her bottom, first the sides and then slowly massaging inwards, between her slit...

"Mmmm, you're doing it just like Carolien," Mona said. "Carolina?" 'Yes, my friend from school. It always makes me feel so good everywhere. She always teases me a little.' 'How do you mean?' “Well, you know. She puts her hand between my legs and plays with me a bit. Sometimes I think she's a lesbian, but she says she likes guys too. I think you'll like Caroline very much.' 'I think so too! Sure!' I couldn't believe my ears. Mona let herself be touched by a girlfriend? I felt in seventh heaven. The prospect of sex just kept getting better! If I couldn't get a hard cock inside me, Mona's tongue would be just as tasty. I got dizzy with horny desire. I again put a few drops of oil on my hand and rubbed it over her buttocks. As my fingers slid into her slit, Mona spread her legs. Slowly I explored the inside of her ass crack until the tip of my finger touched her narrow asshole. My heart was beating so hard I'm sure she could hear it. I moved my hand down and spread the lotion on the insides of her thighs. Holding my breath, I ran a finger along her pussy. She was so soft, her pussy lips were as delicate as flower petals... I had to hold back with all my strength or I would have entered her.

I had now had everything from her body. Everything was covered in suntan lotion. Anything I would do now would be tantamount to molesting a minor! The moment that hit me, Mona turned and smiled at me. She stretched out her arms. "Now it's my front end!"

"Do you like it when your girlfriend plays with you?" I asked. "I love it," she said, closing her eyes. 'It feels so good! Just super cool!' 'And do you ever play with her? You know what I mean, don't you?' 'Sure. But most of the time I just let Caroline have her way. All she wants is to stick her fingers in me.' She giggled and put her hand between her legs. She rubbed her pussy. I watched in fascination. 'Carolien often sleeps in on weekends. When my mother goes to bed, we stay up and watch TV. Carolien likes to play with me, so we lie on the couch and we do it for a long time.' "Did your mother ever catch you?" 'Yes, once after school. Caroline was in my room and my mother came home early and came into my room while we were busy.' "Busy with what?" I asked. My pussy had gone haywire. "We were in bed and Carolien had her hand in my pants." "Was your mother angry?" "At first she did, but later she told us to just be careful." 'Carefully?' “Well, you know. If we wanted to experiment we had to do it with each other and not with boys. Because then you can get pregnant.' "So you just kept going?" 'Yes. Carolien said we could do anything now and she took my pants off and played with me for a long time. It was really crazy!' Mona touched her pussy again. I wondered if she realized how horny she was making me. My cat played so much that I had to clamp my legs together.

I took a deep breath, again sprayed oil on my hands and placed them on her stomach. First I rubbed her hips and sides. Would she mind if I touched her breasts? I moved my hands closer and closer to those beautiful round tits. I had already had her ass, and briefly her pussy. And she said her friend used to do that regularly. So why not? As if it were the most natural thing in the world for girls among themselves, I rubbed her breasts with my slippery hands. Her nipples became hard knobs under my eager fingers.

Mona smiled. 'That feels really good!' Rubbing her breasts and flat stomach, my eyes drifted to that seductive spot between her legs. My hand went down and played with the fluffy down for a moment. I rubbed the insides of her thighs. She closed her eyes and spread her legs, as if to tell me to keep going. Slowly I moved my hand up until I touched her. I had to take it slow so as not to scare her, so I rubbed very lightly, just enough to apply the oil. Her response was a soft moan and she spread her legs even wider.

I now put my hand full on her pussy and stroked it gently as my middle finger slid along her slit. Then I stuck my finger a little deeper between her lips. She was so warm and wet, and she responded by pressing against my hand. I looked at her face as my finger disappeared inside her. My other hand was already busy between my own legs.

Mona opened her mouth and sighed. A hand went up to play with her nipple. Then she turned her head so she could watch me masturbate. At that point, I think we both knew we were going to cum together. She put her hand on mine and played with my fingers sliding in and out of my pussy. "I love doing that too," she said. "I do it very often." I was about to pick up my pace when she suddenly said, "Can I give you a turn now?" Another half a minute and I would have got us both ready. But I stopped and reluctantly removed my finger from her pussy. "Okay, Mona," I said. I lay on my back and smelled my finger. A wave of hot desire swept through my body as I inhaled her scent. She knelt beside me, a good load of suntan lotion on the palms of both hands. 'What are you thinking of?' she asked. 'To a movie I saw once. It played in Japan. A girl came for a massage from a geisha, and you know what she did? She first smeared herself and then lay down on the girl to transfer the oil to her."

Mona thought for a moment. 'Wow, that seems cool! Can I do that with you, Elly?' "That's exactly what I was hoping for," I said, my heart racing.

She knelt between my feet, smeared the oil over her breasts, and gave the bottle another firm squeeze to spray a new load on her. When she had spread the slippery well, she crawled forward until her shiny tits floated above my hips. She lowered herself and began to slide slowly back and forth to distribute the lotion over my stomach with her breasts. "Something like that?" she asked, smiling at me.

"Just like that, honey." My breathing quickened as our nipples touched and her tender breasts pressed against mine.

"What did those two do after that… in that movie I mean?" "Well, they kissed," I said, looking straight into her blue eyes. "Carolien and I kiss too." She yanked her hips until our pussies pressed against each other's thighs. She made no effort to hide that I was fucking on my leg. I struggled to utter another word. I pulled her face to mine and we kissed long and deep, riding on each other's thighs with sopping pussies. Her long blond hair fell over my face and her scent was intoxicating. Our mutual masturbation became more and more intense and within barely a minute we both came in quick succession. I felt her warm juice run down my leg as her body shook and stiffened. Her head fell back and she squeezed her eyes shut tight, pressing her pussy against my thigh as hard as she could. At the same time, she pushed her leg down. My pussy cramped from pure pleasure and a shudder ran through me. Now it was my turn to spray her leg with pussy juice.

It took a while before we could both breathe normally again. We rested in each other's arms before jumping into the pool. We still had a whole weekend ahead of us!

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