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Farah lived above her father's garage. Things didn't go well. That's why the tyrant guy rented out his space for DIYers. Every now and then Farah would clean things up. The handymen made some fuss with the beautiful Farah. Logical, because authoritarian as her father was, he could not get a Dutch wife. He therefore had a Filipino come over and married her. (Silly as such authoritarian peasants are, he didn't realize that subordinate women got their power, their role in a different way. Anyway, let the stupid be the stupid.) His wife became pregnant with Farah that very first night. She grew into a half-blood girl of fabulous beauty. Restrained and willing moreover, like her mother, apparently…

No, who wouldn't fall for Farah. Her beautiful golden brown appearance, her beautifully maintained teeth, her dark eyes and her then Dutch than Asian facial expression gave her something mystical. But also her body, ooh her body… The cleaning clothes couldn't hide that she had small but well-shaped breasts. And her tight ass tapped into fantasies under every male and lesbian brain who wouldn't lie. You may already understand that I knew Farah personally. She lived down the street from me.

One day I decided to go for a walk. It was early, so at least I wasn't harassed in the park. The winter morning was sweltering, the weather was beautiful. I felt good. A girl walked about ten yards ahead of me. I looked at it. She pushed her ass back defiantly; I shivered because I could see the buttocks. She challenged me, only then did I see that it was Farah. I stayed behind her, unsure and fearful of failure. What bisexual woman would dare to unequivocally address such behavior of a late teenager? But I also didn't want to scare her. Half turned and with most of her beautiful long black hair covering her eyes, she was watching me. My heart skipped a beat. Wasn't she supposed to go to college? My pass stopped. I felt it: something was going to happen, between her and me…

At the music pavilion, Farah suddenly bent away from the path. She walked across the grass to the dome under which various bands played their tunes in the summer. I doubted whether I should continue. But then she looked to see if I followed her: defiantly, again with her hair in front of her face. And again that lovely ass outstretched to me… I also stepped on the grass. Defiantly she stopped next to bushes that formed a small bed in the park with some trees. She walked into the bushes, pushing the branches away with her arms. Defiantly, she leaned forward slightly so that her buttocks poked out tight and defiantly. She deliberately provoked me. I couldn't help but follow her, the nerves screamed in my throat. She reached the edge of the perk and stopped. She squatted, with her buttocks towards me. “Is she going to pee?” it flashed through my mind. Excitement ran through my body and I stepped into the bushes as well. She needed to hear that, the brittle branches broke under my shoes. She rested one hand on the floor; Farah waited for what was about to happen. I was now close to her and looked around to see if we were visible to other people. There was no one. Slowly I brought my hand to her buttocks. I heard her sigh. She barely moved as my hand ran over her tight sweatpants. I got pretty excited. With my other hand I felt her belly and soon I slid under the elastic. I felt her soft panties. "Touch me dear Rachel," she gasped, "do it rough." I grabbed her tight, pressed her against me and pushed her pants down. The tension almost took my breath away. There we stood; somewhere in the middle of a flower bed, two young women who pretended we were a bunch of filthy gay men.

Farah sighed, I touched her vagina. Immediately I recognized the spots, as if I did it on myself. She moved back so that her head rested on my shoulder. I wrung a hand under her sweater and camisole to feel her body. She moved wildly against the front of my body. She moaned too hard so I pressed a hand over her mouth. "Come" she hissed horny between my fingers, "do it!" She squirmed against me. Brutally I pulled down her panties and now felt her pussy without hesitation. Her orifice was soft and fiery wet. Two of my fingers disappeared into her. Farah moaned. Everything happened very quickly now.

Now that I'm writing this down for my work, I can't even imagine doing something like this…

Faster and faster my fingers twirled in her fuck hole. The female horny trickled out past my hand. With my other hand I had started a savage kneading around her breasts. They were small, sleek and perky. More and more I came into my role of the dirty, assaulting lesbian. "I'll tame those tits of yours," I snapped at her. Farah groaned and she squirmed and struggled even more. "You raped me," she said hoarsely. I nodded. It was cold, but my hand tossed up her sweater and camisole. I shivered at the sight of her tight body, that delicious belly of hers. I could hardly do anything, she was so beautiful. I half turned Farah towards me. My fingering hand followed. She was very excited. And I let myself go completely.

Farah looked at me. I thought I read a hint of fear in her eyes. But that soon disappeared. She lowered her gaze and shivered. Almost immediately her pussy got wider, wetter. I was shocked. I've never felt someone getting horny so clearly! I unzipped my pants as fast as I could. My lower body seemed to burn in the cold of that day. I pressed my mound of Venus against her naked body, and I sanded. Up and down, up and down, trying to finger Farah's clitoris as concentrated as before.

It was really, really a breathtakingly horny sight. Farah pressed her buttocks together. I laughed scornfully. "None of it, open that crack," I said rudely. Again the little bitch sighed and she relaxed. Before we both knew it, three of my fingers slid into the wet hole. I grabbed my own pussy with my other hand, pressed me tight against her and started a savage fuck. She moaned with every thrust I made into her body. I bumped into her faster and faster. It was wonderful to carry on in such a crude way in such a vulnerable body. Farah began to moan more intensely. I saw her penetrating from behind with her own finger. 'Ooh my God', I moaned in horror, 'you horny bitch!' A big cramp went through my abdomen; I was going to cum. My nails dug into the dark young girl's skin. Farah let out a scream of painful pleasure.

Immediately I put my hand over her mouth, I smeared her own pre-cum on her nose and upper lip. I enjoyed. Immediately after, I pushed on her lower back. And so I came, her lower body tight against mine, and my fingers cramping against my hot spots below.

My body was shaking from the orgasm. I looked at Farah, she was writhing in ecstasy. Wildly she moved her right hand under her body. I knew her pussy was contracting, she was going to cum. Farah fell to her knees and with both hands pressed against her pussy she reached her climax. She jerked and shuddered, I had never seen anything so horny. Farah calmed down. She turned and looked at me blissfully. "Thank you, it was very good. For me," she said hoarsely. "Now I want you to go home." I did what she said. I felt a little guilty. It was as if I had assaulted her. After all, she was just twenty and I was about five years older. But almost at home something started to gnaw. She encouraged my toughness, it was she who got me this far. I didn't know my attitude, I didn't know what to do. The thought of her and her behavior that Saturday morning hooked in my brain, and she wouldn't let go of me. I, Rachel de Wijnemaere – not least a Puritan woman – was in love with a girl who was ringing me.

The following week we saw each other casually in the street a few times. Although it hurt, I played the unapproachable. I don't know if Farah also played 'hard to get'. At least she walked right past me those times. It only made my desire for her worse. Then there was an envelope in the box. "Rachel," it said in only attractive girlish handwriting. I hurriedly opened it and read the words on the Holly Hoby sheet (it's been that long…).

"I've never been allowed to enjoy sex. My father always warned me about it, about assaults and rapes and all that. It has kept me busy ever since he started talking about it. Thank you for making one of my fantasies come true. My mom and dad will be gone next week. I invited some guys to the workshop on Saturday night. Do you want to be there? Then put a candle in front of your window, exactly at eight o'clock. I am very curious.

Kisses, Farah'

'A candle in my window', I thought (yes, it was a very long time ago), 'how youthful romantic'. Of course I wanted to be there! That same evening, at the opening tune of the NOS news, I placed a candle on the windowsill. It was arranged.

On the day in question I was standing in front of the garage. I rang the bell. Farah opened the door, her eyes glittering with excitement. It pained me to see her dressed like that. She was wearing a tight jersey dress, nylon knee socks, and those snazzy shoes. "Come in, everyone's already here," she said brightly. She closed the door behind us and led me to the workshop proper, more at the back of the building. It was exciting though. It was dark where we walked, and where it was all supposed to be, a faded fluorescent light was on. Two men were waiting for us with a smile. We came in. A soft horny music came from a grease-stained tube radio. The setting excited me and apparently Farah now too. She immediately walked to the engine in the middle of the room and sat on it horny.

She had closed her eyes and murmured, "I don't want to, I don't want to, I don't want…" The boys stood around it, mouths dropped, too. Then the smallest looked at the other, he laughed vilely, walked behind her back and began to kiss her on the neck. With courage, the other boy followed. He dropped to his knees and began to kiss and caress Farah's delicious legs. What a whore, what a terrible whore expression radiated from her face as she looked at me. She, the girl I loved the way she wanted less than a week ago, was now being mercilessly touched, caressed and fingered because she wanted to… I couldn't take it. I had to sit before my legs couldn't hold me anymore. I felt a chair and plopped into it. I had a good look at it all. A true orgy unfolded before my eyes. An orgy centered on Farah's surrender to male lust.

One by one the men took off their garments. I sighed at the touch of their skin to Farah's. I was jealous on the one hand, but on the other I encouraged the girl. “Don't be used!” my conscience screamed. "Make sure you use them for your pleasure!"

But it soon became clear that I didn't have to worry about that at all. The girl did everything she wanted, which excited her. It was Farah who grabbed the swollen cock of the smallest, and apparently the leader of the pair, and put it in her mouth. It was Farah who spread her legs and pushed the other gentleman's head in between them with gentle force. I loved her. Until that moment I thought she was a terribly intriguing girl, from that moment I loved her. I became even more jealous. Not on the boys, but on Farah. The way she handled her femininity. She was clearly ahead of me.

The little brat's remarkably large penis disappeared deep into her throat. That surprised me. All things considered, my little Farah couldn't have had that much experience. But she slobbered on the penis: eager, passionate, all-encompassing. She kneaded his balls with one hand. Her other hand played with another guest's buttocks. I wasn't paying close attention to what she was actually doing with it. But my heart stopped when I saw out of the corner of my eye that she had pushed her ring finger up to her hand in that poor boy's anus. I started fingering. I was no longer ashamed of anything. Why would I? After all, those boys also allowed themselves to be bullied by my wicked, young and gorgeous street mate.

Farah was just moving her pelvis forward for a better lick when she opened her eyes and looked at me. I felt my heart beating in my throat. Could I actually do this from her? Just sitting here? But right after that she shivered, still sitting on the bike, and closed her eyes. She gave herself to the young dogs even more eagerly than she already did. My hand was unabashedly in my pants. The garage smells were now mixed with young people's sex. The little bastard had by now slid his fingers into Farah's cunt from below. With wide eyes I saw that he routinely opened the pussy. Slowly his whole hand disappeared into it! Ooh that was so horny! Look at that beautiful girl! Farah was no longer sitting, but was lifted up with the thrusting hand. But that wasn't all. The girl guided the other boy's hand to the front of her pussy. "Finger me, finger my thingy," she stammered. He willingly did as she asked. His cock bounced with horniness against Farah's naked body.

I could not bear all this and in silence I came. I kept my eyes on the young woman who was getting such a horrendous thrashing. Farah saw me shock. She pointed this out to the boys. Yet I was beyond the shame. As I was in aftershocks, I heard Farah say, "Take some of her fluids and smear it in and over my bum." The taller lad ran his hand through my pussy. "Sorry, but tonight we have to focus on Farah," he said softly. "I know," I replied, "I know what she can do." "Fluid enough!" he said aloud into space, I felt humiliated and enjoyed at the same time. Farah had fallen to the ground by now. The little bastard had now shoved his cock inside her and lost himself in a solid pumping session. Farah himself looked longingly at my pussy-stained hand as the boy approached her. She offered her ass and he rubbed her. "Now, come on, in my anus, take me in my anus," the little bitch panted in a hoarse voice. She turned on her back, took the cock from her slit and shoved it into her poo duct. Almost immediately she gestured for number two to fuck her in the pussy. Farah was banged alternately: the little one thrusting upward like mad, and his friend thrust after thrust thrusting his cock into the swollen slit. The hard fucking had begun. I looked my eyes out.

The smallest signaled first to come. Disregarding the boy still pumping her from the front, she wrestled herself out of the sandwich and took the huge, almost squirting cock in her mouth. The slit fucker was now also dependent on masturbating activities. Beside his friend, he jerked off at the scene of Farah's blowing blow. Restrained, but intense, the smallest of the three came. His cum producing cock was completely swallowed by my horny street mate. She swallowed everything, just a little bit of cum welling up from the corner of my mouth that I could see. Apparently this was too much for the other boy. He began to move his body uncontrollably. Farah was now sated, grabbed the second bursting cock and let himself be sprayed. Boy fluids descended on her from both sides (seed was also seeping out of her mouth). Her entire breast, including her firm, gorgeous tits, was covered in a filmy layer of sperm.

The boys left, panting. They looked at me warily. Their bravado was gone, even the little one had little left. They shot their clothes. I was still sitting in the chair when I heard the door slam shut. Farah was still on the rug next to the bike. "Well, that's not very nice of those guys," I said just to say something. Farah laughed and shook her head. "No, it's so agreed. They weren't allowed anymore, I didn't want that. Just as little as they came to you." “Oh yes?” I said surprised. Farah got up and walked over to me. "No one should touch you. I'm in love with you, you're mine," she said softly. I was blown away, she thought she could possess me! Just like her blunt father. But I couldn't help it, it happened to me. With me! She knelt next to me, on the chair. She smelled like semen, it hurt. I surrendered, she had me, exactly where she wanted me. And she made love to me, as a man does to a woman.

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