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First let me introduce myself, I am Saskia, 18 years young and I am now in my 6th year of pre-university education. I have brown hair past my shoulders, am 1.70 tall, have brown eyes and weigh 65 kg. I also have beautiful feminine shapes, a C cup and round, tight buttocks that I am very proud of. I am doing well at school, I am getting good grades and I have great friends that I have a lot of fun with. So far nothing special or remarkable about me.

For a number of years I have found out that I am not only attracted to boys, but also girls. Since the age of 14 I have started to discover myself sexually and I still like to do that very much. I'm definitely not a virgin anymore and I've tried all the necessary things with other girls too. Lately I've been getting more and more excited when I indulge myself in exciting places and so I've let myself go a few times at school too. That started with fingering on the toilet during recess, but lately I go back to school about once a week (usually on Wednesday) in the evenings when everything is dark and there are few people left, myself somewhere in a nice place to satisfy. The school is then still open because there are still sports teams training in the gyms. The thrill of masturbating in an almost abandoned school makes me feel so aroused that I thoroughly enjoy my orgasms. However, a few weeks ago I had the idea that someone had seen or heard me and since then every evening I am at school I think I am being watched. Until last Wednesday, this person hadn't spoken to me about anything or made it clear that he/she knew what I was doing, but that evening I found a note under the stairs. I always go to that place first to put my coat and bag there and he/she apparently knew that because my name was on the double folded sheet.

When I saw the petal, I felt my heart beat faster and I knew I had been caught by someone during my sex adventures. With a trembling hand I opened the note and it read:

“Dear Saskia, I know you've been doing naughty things here on Wednesday evenings for the past few weeks. I'm not going to punish you for this because I'll admit it, I really enjoy watching you do this. It looks very exciting what you are doing and I dare you to do assignments for me. After reading this note, you walk to room 15 and you enter here, if you dare to take up the challenge, put a large cross on the board with red, if you no longer want me to spy on you in the future, use blue a cross. After this you are free to do as you please this evening. Greetings Mrs X"

At the time I wasn't quite sure what to do, because I really didn't want anyone to know what I was doing, but my curiosity overcame my fear and I walked straight to room 15 to see a large cross with red. to put on the board. Then I walked to the auditorium to finger myself in a nice corner, my orgasm this time was even more intense because I was now almost sure that someone could see me. All I knew was that it was a woman and nothing more.

After my orgasm I went back to the stairs to pack my things and wanted to go home, but again there was a note: “Saskia, nice that you accept my challenge and also wonderful what you have just done again. Next week I expect you at this place around the same time and then I have a nice surprise for you! Kisses Mrs X”

Today is Wednesday again and I've been nervous all day about what's going to happen tonight. I'm determined to go, but every time I think about it I feel the tension all over my body. Well in advance I am ready to go at home, my coat and bag are ready and I have put on clothes that are comfortable, but also easy to take off. At the appointed time I walk into the school to my place under the stairs. As expected, here I find a new note from the mysterious Mrs. X: “Good evening Saskia, nice to have you back. I've prepared a few things for you in room 26 and I want you to go here. On the way though, I want you to undress and drop your garments, when you get to room 26 you'll be naked! XXX Mrs X”

My heart is racing and I only now realize what I have started, this woman expects me to walk completely naked through the school and I have never done or dared that before. Nevertheless, I decide to carry out my assignment, because I have decided that I would do it and I also find it very exciting what will happen. After catching my breath I take off my sweater and put it next to my jacket and bag. Then I walk up the stairs and meanwhile I take off my socks and shoes, I just leave them where I take them off and continue walking. Room 26 is on the third floor in the middle of the hallway and when I get to the top I'm only wearing my thong and I just see my bra somewhere on the last flight of stairs. Tense, I first look around the corner to make sure no one is in the hallway, then I continue walking and halfway through my way to the room I stop to take off my thong. I am not only very nervous but also excited because there is a small wet spot in my thong the moment I pull it down. Naked I continue down the corridor and at room 26 I quickly go inside.

On the front table in the middle row is another note and this time there is something else, a blindfold. I first read the note: “Hi Saskia, you should be naked when you read this, I'm already proud of you that you dare and did this! You see a blindfold on the table, you are supposed to put it on and sit on the table with your legs apart. You can play with yourself in peace, but don't be alarmed if I come in right away. See you soon, Mrs X”

Horrified by the fact that my mysterious principal will come in immediately, I stand for a few seconds with the note in my hand. Then I take the blindfold as instructed and put it on so that I can no longer see anything. I sit neatly on the table and separate my legs. First I sit quietly and wait tensely if I don't hear anyone come in, but if that doesn't happen for 5 minutes I slowly move my hand between my legs and feel my wet slit. To get my nerves under control I decide to finger myself and as a result I become a bit calmer, but also much hornier. After another 5 minutes I hear the door open and abruptly I stop pleasuring myself too. I hear footsteps approaching and I feel my throat throb hard. Then I hear a calm voice say: “Hello Saskia, nice to see you sitting here. I think it's really cool of you to do that. Along the way I put all your things in a bag and I hid it somewhere in the school, your jacket and bag are also included. You are supposed to go and find it at once, otherwise you will have to go home naked, but first I will reward you for what you have already done so far.” I feel her cold hands on my thighs and she pushes my legs a little further apart. Then I feel a tongue against my pussy and because I did not expect this and it gives a wonderful feeling, I moan softly. The woman unknown to me starts to lick me and she does it well! I'm enjoying myself to the fullest and can't help but moan. After a while I feel an orgasm coming on and just then the woman stops licking. I ask her if she wants to continue, but she laughs and says she has something better. I anxiously wait for what's to come, but first I get a French kiss from the woman who was just licking my pussy. We kiss intensely and when I don't expect it she pushes a dildo into my slit. I get scared and stop kissing. The woman now moves the dildo up and down quickly and deep in my pussy and I can feel my body enjoying this. Moaning with pleasure I come with jerks! The woman compliments me on my horniness and it sounds like she's licking the dildo, then I hear it stop there in a bag and I think she's also picking up something else. Again I feel something between my legs, this time it's a cold egg-shaped object which the woman slides into my pussy. The woman says that I have to stand and she guides me to the door, here I have to walk further into the corridor and after 5 steps I can take off the blindfold. My thong is still in the hallway, I can put it on already, otherwise the egg won't stay put. Then I will have to look for the rest of my stuff, but the woman promises me that she will help me by vibrating the egg if I go in the right direction. After taking 5 big steps into the hallway, I take off the blindfold and see that the door of the room is closed. Further down the hall I see my thong and I quickly put it on. I still have no idea who the woman is, although her voice sounds familiar to me. Actually I want to go back and have a look, but something tells me I better go and look for my clothes. I walk out of the hallway to the stairs and go up 1

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