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A lesbian SM story!

In fact, everything clicked from the start. We agreed that I would pick her up at the station. We had seen and told each other before. Moments later we were sitting together in the living room having a drink. She always looked horny. She had a nice face with striking light blue eyes with a nice body with cup DD and a bald pussy and small tight ass and legs that seemed to never end.

30 minutes pass before we walk up. In the bedroom I make her stand in high heeled boots, leather thong and a leather bra with her hands behind her back. I sit on my bed and my view starts at her boots and continues through her legs until I have my view on her thong. I stare at her thong and my eyes slide further up until I reach her tits. Then I get up and walk over to her with wrist and ankle cuffs, bellows and a collar with that chain still attached. I take the chain off the collar and put the collar on her and push the lock shut. I also remove the chain between the wrist and ankle cuffs and then only put the cuffs on her wrist and ankles. Then I stand behind her and press the bellows into her mouth and pull the strap tight behind her head so that within 1 minute she starts drooling over her own tits. I can't resist and I squeeze her buttocks and then walk back to bed. I sit back on the bed and look deep into her eyes.

She wants to avoid my eyes but I keep following them and looking straight at me. I think about what I'm going to do with her. I can strap her in and fuck her anally or I can make her crawl like a dog. So many ideas come into my head that I get wet spontaneously and that only by fantasies. I grab the chain from the collar and click it onto the collar and without saying anything to her I pull the chain down so she has to get to her knees. I put my foot between her shoulder blades and press her to the floor with my foot so that she is on all fours. Her drool now lands on the floor and I grab her by the hair and pull her head against the ground through her own drool. I let go of her head and I pull her to the desk.

I grab her collar and pull her up and pull her over the desk. I attach a chain to the ring on each cuff, then around the desk leg and then again to the same ring of the cuffs. I do that at her ankles and wrists so that she is tied to the desk like an “X”. I go with my hand under her back and I undo her bra and blindfold her . I turn the collar so that the chain is on the side of her hands. I pull her head back so she looks at my crotch. I pull down my pants and boxers and pull the bellows out of her mouth. I grab my double strap-on and I fasten the straps.

I press the small side into my pussy and the other side I press her mouth and gently fuck her mouth. She starts to moan and I push the strap further into her mouth and fuck her a little harder. The drool runs down the strap from her mouth. I pull her bra off her tits and her nipples are already stiff with horniness. I put my nails in her nipples and I press the strap into the back of her throat. She gags over my strap-on and I press my nails deeper into her nipples and turn her nipples half a turn with my nails in them. I pull her nipples up so that her back is slightly off the desk. I let go of her nipples and grab her nipples between thumb and forefinger and twist them sweetly and gently between my fingers so that it becomes pain and pleasure. I pull the strap-on from her mouth with 1 jerk.

I step out of my pants and boxers and turn the collar again so that the chain is between her tits. I release her shackles and pull her to the ground on her knees. I press her legs wide with my foot and take off her thong and press her on the bed with her tits. I pull the chain of the collar tight through her pussy. I fasten the chain to the ring of her wrist cuffs and thread the chain of the collar so that it stays tight in her pussy and pull her hands higher on her back and attach her other cuff to it. I sit on her back and take off her boots first and then immediately press my heels into the bottoms of her feet and pull her hands up on her back so that she starts to moan. In the meantime I hit her nice horny ass a few times with a flat hand. I put my index finger in her mouth and then immediately deep into her little asshole and I finger her ass very sweetly. Then I press a dildo into her mouth and then again in her ass and put Duck tape over it so that the dildo stays in place.

Then I get off her back and I grab a strip whip with wide leather strips and hit her thighs first and then her buttocks for about 20 minutes. I pull her by the hair on the bed and turn her onto her back so that she can legs wide in front of me. I press her feet towards her shoulders and fasten the ankle cuffs to the bars of my bed. I hit her pussy with the same whip until pussy fluid runs down her pussy. I press the gag back into her mouth and put a squeezer on both erect nipples and I knead her tits. I stand in front of her and stroke the insides of her legs from bottom to top. She starts to turn her ass meanwhile my hand goes further and I touch her pussy and I feel a shock go through her body. I take my hand off her pussy again and slide my hand up to her tits. I take 1 slip chain and put the chain through the ring and between the loop I put her tit and pull the chain and fasten it with a snap hook and I do the same with her other tit.

I hit her nipples with the strip whip and then bite into her nipples and lick her nipples again sweetly. I release the chain from her collar and the chain stays in her pussy and I pull the chain out of her pussy with 1 jerk and immediately press the strap into her pussy and pull the blindfold away so that I can look into her eyes . I let her fuck herself on my strapon while she can barely move and just before she is about to come I pull the strapon out of her pussy. She looks at my eyes with horny submissive begging eyes.

I grab the whip again and I hit her stiff clit and she starts to make fuck movements. I hit her pussy a little harder and she starts moaning louder and her belly goes up and down faster and she pants harder and harder. She begins to tremble at her thighs and her whole body rises and she begins to jerk. She starts screaming and she cums squirting and jerking. I leave her there for a while and some more shocks go through her body. I release her completely first her legs and gag then I release her tits then her mouth and then I click the wrist cuffs apart. I give her something to drink and then I take her to the bathroom. I put her on her knees with her face to the wall in the bath and I take off my clothes. I put the blindfold on her again and I turn her around. I take the strap off and grab her hair and I press her against my clit and she starts to lick like a slut. I drive into her mouth and press her head harder against my crotch. Then I want her to put her tongue in my pussy so I move further over her so that her tongue can enter my pussy. I keep holding the bottom between her head and riding on her face. A few minutes later I start moaning on her face and I feel muscles contract. I press her even harder against my pussy and I spray her mouth full and under my pussy I feel her swallow all my pussy fluid. I pull her hard back from my pussy by the hair and I hit her with a flat hand on her cheek a few times so that her cheeks are red. I press her hard on her back and I grab the strap again and put the strap back on.

I lie on her head with my pussy and I fuck lying in her mouth. I slap her tits and on her pussy with my hand and then pull the strap out of her mouth and stand with my pussy over her head and pull her hair up. I hit her cheeks a few times and then I pee in her mouth and I pinch her nose. Not all my pee can go in her mouth and pee runs down her tits and down to her pussy. I let go of her hair and continue to pee all over her face and over her tits. When I'm done peeing I pull her on her stomach and let her lick everything in the bath. I press my foot into her neck and watch her lick the bath clean. I pull her back to her knees when she's done licking and I turn on the shower. I take off her blindfold and start washing her in the shower. I put my hand between her buttocks and pull her up so that she stands up again. I kiss her on the neck and press my finger into her pussy and put my hand on her tit. I finger her pussy and knead her tits. She rests her head on my neck and moans in the shower. I finger and knead until she comes moaning. Meanwhile there is water in the bath and I pull her back to her knees and press her head into the water. I pull her up by the hair and press her hard over the bath rim then I strap on again and I fuck hard and dominant in her ass. I get out of her ass and take a quick shower.

I dry myself and her and walk naked back to the bedroom. I sit on the bed and look arrogantly in her eyes. She lowers her eyes and looks at the ground. I grab her kiss with my hand and I give her a horny French kiss. I kiss her with my hand on her neck and the other on her cheek. I look deep into her eyes. Suddenly I feel her gaze on my hands. She puts her hands on mine and looks back at me arrogantly. My heart shoots from my crotch to my throat and back to my crotch. Her hands rest on mine, she squeezes them forcibly. I look at her mouth screaming to be bitten. She laughs and bites her lower lip and then licks her lips. My gaze slides up and I see a twinkle in her eye. Before I know it, she no longer bites her own lip but mine. Her tongue seeks my tongue again. She kisses me uncontrollably and wildly. She puts her hand on my neck, pulls my lake towards her and pushes her tongue deeper into my mouth. The arrogance she has now makes me feel confused.

I pull myself away from her and give her a tight, arrogant look. Before she can raise her eyebrows, I pull her toward me by the hips. I don't let mine dominate that easily. I sit down and push her stomach against me, her legs spread on my lap. She bends over me as she presses her lips to mine. She licks them, kissing her way past my mouth to my ear where she moans hard as I press my crotch against hers. She bends back, her breasts are now taut. I want to feel them against mine so I press her all the way against me. I want to feel her everywhere. She looks at me smiling and again with an arrogant look in her eyes. She steps away from me and looks straight into my eyes. I swallow and when I want to pull her back to me, she arrogantly pushes my hand away. She sits down on the desk. Fuck, that body. Tight tummy with cup DD. I want her so I'm going to stand with her. She presses her wet pussy against my stomach and arrogantly and dominantly pushes my head down. Without thinking, I get on my knees before her.

My fingers slide up her legs but she turns away from me. Her hand touches my cheek as she quickly turns around again. Before I realize what's happening and what she's doing to me, she pushes me on the chair and she gets her fingers hard in my pussy. My pussy fluid slides down her hand as she goes in and out of me faster and deeper and faster. I can do nothing but surrender myself to her this time. I want to hold back and get her again but she's driving me crazy. She fucks me arrogant and horny, harder and harder and I want it. I can't help but bite her and scratch my nails down her back. I lick her erect nipples. She moans and in her moment of weakness I push her dominantly back onto the desk. She grabs me and pulls me to my knees. She grabs my hair and pulls my head back and spits in my face. At once she presses my face against her wet pussy. I grab her buttocks and lick her. Slow and hard. She wants to feel me and encloses my head with her legs. I lick her clit and press my tongue into her. The vibrations of her thighs on my neck make me feel that she is about to come. With my tongue I search for that one spot and slowly I go in and out of her. I push deeper and deeper and faster. She moans and pulls at my hair. She digs her nails into my shoulders and bites her own hand. She screams and with one last hold she relaxes completely . I feel the tingling with which she cums in my mouth. She jerks ready on the desk and then rests. I kiss the inside of her thigh.

She's still shaking from her orgasm. With my lips I find the way over her tight bellies and tits to her mouth and her taste of herself. I look into her eyes and she smiles back at me. Slowly her hand slides up my leg and she squeezes my clit. She pushes me away and stands in front of me. I look down at her and feel my heart beating. She pushes me to my knees and sits on my back and slowly pulls on her heeled boots. I sit still for 10 minutes, only my chest moves gently up and down. She steps away from me and presses her heel into my hands. I moan but don't pull my hands away from her. She presses my head to her boots with her hand and has her boots licked by me. She puts the tip of her boot in my mouth and I pull my head away. She hits me hard on the ass. I obey her and I feel her press her boot into my mouth by my side. She pulls my head back and I close my eyes. Look at me! Hard and strict. At first I don't dare to look into her eyes, but then I look into 2 light blue eyes that look at me dominantly. While she keeps my eyes in a stranglehold with that compelling look, her fingers slide towards my pussy. She orders me to lie on my stomach and then sits on my back. Her legs keep my head against the ground. I feel powerless and surrender to her. I enjoy her sitting on me. If I even wobble she mercilessly slaps my ass hard. then she orders me to my knees. Head up and she puts on the collar and gag in my mouth. She takes off the wrist and ankle cuffs on herself and puts them on mine. She stands in front of me and grabs my chin with her hand. I look at her submissively and horny and she runs her hand through my hair and kisses my forehead. I swallow and I'm getting hornier. She slaps me hard in the face with the flat of her hand.

She pulls me over so that I am only on my knees. She scratches her nails all over my tits and then grabs my nipples and puts a clip on each nipple. She pulls the pegs off with 1 jerk without opening them. I moan and she licks my nipples. She again puts the pegs on my nipples and pulls them off again with 1 jerk. She repeats that until cunt slime drips out of my cunt. She kicks my thighs with her boots and I widen my legs for her. She drops to her knees and I look straight at her tits. I feel her hand on my pussy. I press my pussy against her hand and she hits my clit with flat hand. She takes the pegs that were on my nipples before and puts them on my small labia. I feel the horniness run through my body.

She takes the strap-on and fucks me anally. With one hand she grabs my clit between her nails and the other hand she pulls the chain of the collar back. I cum without permission. Her boots appear in front of me. She orders me to lie on my stomach again. She presses hard on the side of my face with her boot. A few minutes later I'm lying across the desk. My feet still on the ground and my hands tied above my head. She takes my belt from my pants and hits my ass with it. in that moment I realize more than ever how much I am in her power and at her mercy. At that moment my will is completely broken. She suddenly presses the strap deeper into my ass and I shoot forward and her nails get stuck in my back. She now fucks me more dominantly and harder and I can feel her nails cutting into my back and shoulders. She pulls the strapon out of her own pussy and puts the strapon in my mouth. I lick the strap-on and she watches me lick the strap-on. She puts her boot between my legs in my pussy and then makes me lick her boot clean. She frees me from the desk and puts me on hands and knees in front of her. She pulls the clips off my labia minora and I moan. She takes the necklace and she pulls me along like a dog. I crawl behind her and she pulls on the chain if she doesn't go fast enough. She makes me stand up at the stairs and I walk down while she is still holding the chain. She forces her eyes to go down to my knees again. I obey and follow her submissively. She sits down on the couch and puts her boots on my back. Every time I move she hits my bare buttocks with my own pants belt. She orders me to the kitchen and I get her a drink and then get back on my knees and hands in front of her. She puts her boots back on my back and presses her heels into my buttocks. She gets up from the couch and she pulls me to the table. She grabs me and forces me on the table and binds me helplessly to the table. She climbs on the table and stands with her heel on my chest right between my tits and looks at me.

She presses her heels into my nipples and I moan under her boots. She looks at my crotch and lifts her leg up as if to stamp my crotch. She kicks her leg hard I close my eyes and I swallow but before the heel hits my pussy she stops and presses her heel on my clit. She presses her stiletto heel into my pussy and she arrogantly fucks me with her boot. I want to pull on the shackles but am impotent. She pulls her heel out of me and puts her boot back on my chest. She spreads her legs over me and I look at her pussy. She drops to her knees with her pussy above my mouth. She slides her pussy over the gag and the horniness drips from my eyes and pussy. She gets off the table and walks away. After about 10 minutes she comes back and immediately hits me hard with a ruler on my pussy. I want to pull my legs together. She grabs me by the throat and looks at me and spits in my face again. She scratches my tits, my belly and my pussy with her nails. I am mad with desire. I look at her pleadingly with my eyes. She plays with my orgasm and she enjoys my total impotence. She presses a vibrator into my pussy and immediately puts it on the highest setting. She comes back on the table and sits with her pussy on my mouth. She hits my tits red with the ruler and she hits my nipples hard several times. when i start pulling on the shackles again and the vibration comes in my thighs she starts hitting me on my clit and continues nice and quiet until i no longer feel the urge to pull my legs together and surrender to her power . She feels that I am about to come and then hits my clit faster and harder. I can't control my own orgasm and I squirt on the table. She pulls the vibrator out of me and stops hitting. She gently strokes my clit and nipples. I pant on the table and she looks at me. She gets off me and releases me and pulls me over the strap and she fucks my last horniness out of it. Less than 10 minutes later I come again. She hugs me and gives me a kiss on my neck and on my mouth. She picks me up and holds me lovingly and lowers me to my knees. I'm shaking on my knees and hands. she's taking my gag out. She picks me up and carries me to the couch. She lays her legs wide on the couch without her having to say anything, I lick all over her pussy and I get my reward. When she comes jerkingly on my tongue I feel her pussy fluid in my mouth. She pulls me up on top of her and puts her hands on my back. I close my eyes and feel her against me. she kisses my head and pulls a blanket over my ass and closes her eyes.

A good Mistress is quite addictive! Or rather perhaps: a good Mistress is the absolute…..

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