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'Go away before I charge you with trespassing'

Laura experimented with pills with Mark. But whether that was such a good idea…


I open my eyes as wide as possible. "Of course not," I say. "Act normal. And please leave before I charge you with trespassing. No, you can't see Ella. Never again. I want you to disappear from our lives.” I push the protesting Linda toward the stairs. Fortunately I am much stronger than them.

The movie premiere is torture. I refuse the champagne under the guise of being on the line. I don't dare to drink too much water, because I'm afraid I'll have to pee. I feel nauseous and my head is pounding. I haven't eaten anything for hours, but the euphoria I felt last time after swallowing a pill is gone. The romantic comedy is very bad. Tamara loves it. “I also want to act,” she says excitedly. "Can't you arrange that for me?

”I mumble that there are a lot of unemployed actresses with a full theater education - which she does not have - but that makes little impression. She suggests going to an afterparty to network and I reluctantly go along. I'm scared to run into Jamie and of course I do. "I miss you," he says and I can smell his drinking breath. "Let's meet." I see Tamara looking at him admiringly, introduce them to each other, mumble that I must relieve the nanny and run away.


Private printed a photo of Tamara and Jamie together. Nice. Jamie won't be the new Bachelor after all and if he starts something with Tamara now I can really build a business relationship with him. I app that I want to meet with both to discuss their relationship as well as their future plans. Then my phone rings. Mark!

“Beauty,” he begins. “That was exciting last week. I have an idea. What if I tell Josien that I have to go to a hotel for work tomorrow. Then you invite Jack and Angela and then we take another nice pill.” I enthusiastically say yes because I always want to see Mark, but I see dozens of bears on the road. I have to get Ella another babysitter and I really don't want to do drugs anymore. Besides, I don't even know if Jack and Angela can.


Ella is staying with my friend Fleur, Angela and Jack come, the fridge is full of drinks and food will be delivered soon. So everything is arranged for a pleasant evening. The only thing that worries me is that Linda hasn't been heard from again. I can't imagine her just agreeing to not see Ella again.

After we have eaten, Mark says I have pills in the house. “Two more”, I lie nervously, because I have already taken half on Monday. I break them in two in the kitchen, give everyone half a pill and a glass of water and secretly take a vitamin pill myself. I never want to experience the nasty hangover feeling that I got after a few days of XTC.

Within half an hour everyone is excited and giggling except me. “Shall we do a partner swap?” Jack winks knowingly. I refuse. I'd love to have sex with Angela, but not with him. And I certainly don't want Mark touching Angela with his fingers. "Okay, I also think it would be nice if the women play with each other while we watch," says Jack.

Angela and I kiss each other and each other's breasts. I'm starting to enjoy it anyway, especially when I see how excited the men get. Eventually we drag the mattresses from the bedroom and guest room into the living room and it becomes very cozy with the four of us, although I make sure that Mark and Jack only touch their own partner.


I wake up to the bell. For a moment I don't know where I am until I see the naked bodies of Mark, Jack and Angela. It's 9 o'clock, but everyone is still asleep. I quickly put on a bathrobe and walk downstairs. An unknown man and woman are standing at the door. “Hello,” says the woman. “We are from Safe Home. Is it true that you have a daughter? We have received a report of neglect. Can we come in and talk to you about that?”

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bron: de Telegraaf

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