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We are currently looking for X-workers (women - men - Couples - TS) who would like to advertise for FREE on our site and thus participate in the trial during the construction of the site. Input from the X-workers is always welcome to launch the site as optimally as possible.

If you want to use the option to place your data on our site free of charge, you can do so by providing us with the information below:

via mail: [email protected]

WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Signal > the number: +31625001194

example ad >   


Advertising at Global X Work costs you nothing, we offer this as a service. Our revenue model is to create traffic for our total package of websites and web shops. We will also not place advertisements in your advertisement, it remains open and clear as you can see in the example. We will also not work with annoying or annoying pop-ups.

  • We offer to help you with your own website.

  • We provide support with Stringpoint Productions BV for the use of our photo and film studios and the associated professional staff.

  • We offer you the option to send a newsletter

  • We offer you the possibility to use our SMS server to inform customers in a targeted manner.

  • We offer you a discount on purchases at Stringpoint Boutique and in the webshop

  • We offer you a clear and comprehensive advertisement, without advertising on the site.

  • Visitors can place a review with your ad about their experience.

  • You will receive a discount from our partners, for example nails, hair extensions, photo and / or film recordings, hair removal, laser, cosmetics, plastic surgery, etc.

  • You decide what you want to put in your ad and what not, the same also applies to the photos and films.

  • We do not use censorship on the site

  • Our sites are continuously monitored by experienced attorneys and lawyers from the different countries where we operate. The Stringpoint Group is currently active in 35 countries.

  • We also offer you the option of EXTRA options and services, such as the ad of the day, or at the top of the list, etc.

  • A team of employees is busy 24/7 promoting the website on social media and other channels.

  • We offer you the possibility to have payments made through our sister company Factory Wallet Service BV, for example paid trips, holidays, business trips, etc. This is easier, safer, you do not have to carry the money you earn with you throughout the journey and is safer to travel. If desired, the visitor of Global X Work can also receive an invoice.



  • You may place a maximum of 10 photos in your advertisement on the website

  • we do not practice censorship, nothing needs to be covered or hidden

  • In addition, you send us 1 photo, which will not be published, with a handwritten letter in your hands with your name and the date of the relevant day, to verify the photos, so that we can check that they are really your photos.



  • You may place a maximum of 3 videos on the site for promotion

  • Each movie maximum 3 minutes long

  • we do not practice censorship

Please note: every video is checked by us and any criminal offenses and / or criminal acts are always reported to the authorities.



Describe yourself, introduce yourself to the visitors of the Global X Work website. The better the description, the more attractive the ad will look. Make sure you can deliver on what you write or offer. The more fun and spontaneous your ad is, the greater the chance that the visitor will stick around and contact you.

For example, you can state what education you have followed, your interests, hobbies, what you love, such as good food, travel, museums, history, dancing, shopping, sauna, watching a film, etc.

But the visitor will certainly also be interested in what you look like, so give us the information you want to share about yourself and we will place it in a nice overview in your profile, so that the visitor has all the information at a glance.



One option is to also mention your services, the more extensive your ad is, the more interesting for the visitor. Moreover, you have certain qualities or services that the visitor is specifically looking for and thus distinguish yourself from other advertisers.

It can also prevent a lot of misunderstandings by stating in advance what you can and cannot do in terms of service.

You can provide us with the services  as you best describe it for yourself. We convert these into the most commonly used abbreviations, but display them written out, so that even the inexperienced visitors have a clear and clear picture of your ad. You can see an idea of ​​a setup in the example.



Clearly indicate to us whether you want to list your prices for your services. And also how you want to list them. In some countries the rule applies that you are not allowed to advertise with money, but then that is done with roses, for example. For example: € 100 becomes 100 roses.

It is often useful to make an overview of the prices, such as 30 minutes ... But if you want an hour it will cost ..... You can also mention services that you offer at an additional cost, then we will put those prices in the overview, as we also did in the example.

Global X Work is a project of Stringpoint Agency BV, based in the Netherlands and thus operating under Dutch law. We can and are allowed to advertise with currencies and show naked on our websites.


Global X Work and / or its owner Stringpoint Agency BV, or the Global pleasure Factory BV concern accepts no liability whatsoever for the content of the advertisements and / or the persons behind the advertisements, as well as errors in the placement.

No rights can be derived from the advertisements placed by us, the person responsible for the content of the advertisement is the advertiser himself.

All information will never be shared and / or sold to third parties, see our Privacy Policy section.

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